Male Offspring of a Female Canine

A polite way to say Son of A Bitch

He's a male offspring of a female canine.

by BEKBEK January 17, 2009

Urban Joy

The joy of getting a word added to the Urban Dictionary.

Yay! I got the term "Urban Joy" added to Urban Dictionary! That's quite an urban joy!

by Shadowfox December 10, 2012

Late Boots

Extremely Fucking late with what you do!

Girl, your whole fucking life is late boots. You have no sort of fucking originality and its sad ish.

by Deem-Tionary August 6, 2009

Social media

Cringe ' Crap 'abhorrent' abominable' odious' deplorable and other synonyms for bad describe social media

karl used Social media once his day was ruined

by None of your damn business October 1, 2022


Stands for "Reputation +" and is used on forum that uses a "reputation" system where users can add or subtract reputation points from each other. "Rep+" is a common response to a post another user liked and "repped+" the original poster. (See rep-)

User 1: "This is a funny post"
User 2: "lol, rep+"

by Kujila August 13, 2005


A Jew, (typically a male), who uses his time, not to go to the gym but to play on his computer to play computer games. Sometimes he is caught by his mother jerking off.

You're a Pickering.

by Actkalm July 8, 2017

ass crack

a line on your butt

put your hand on your back and go down about 5 inches and thats your ass crack

by Kinsley June 3, 2003