1. having a strong sexual appeal.
2. (about a womans body) having a large bosom or appealing curves

1. that guy over there is damn sexy, how voluptuous is he!
2. did you see that girl, her booty is so voluptuous.

by Luna January 21, 2005


Having a very attractive body.

(Especially of a female) being full-bodied, large-bosomed, and appealing to the eyes of lesbians or heterosexual men.

Pleasing to the senses, sensuous.

"Her flowing raven hair was a stark contrast to her milky complexion. Her amber eyes... almost catlike, her figure voluptuous."

by Lorelili March 18, 2005


someone who has big boobs and has a curvy fgure.

I have a voluptuous figure with measurements about 38DD-29-37.

by Stacy July 26, 2006


Old english for a hottie that is fat in all the right places.

I know this chick who has really nice full breastices and a slammin' round ass with soft squeezable hips. She is just fat in all the right places.

I know this guy that farts dust and he calls that voluptuous.

by nick May 23, 2005


a large-breasted, slim waisted, wide hipped woman.

I'm am voluptuous, because my measurements are 38-26-40

by foxmoon October 4, 2006


While this word may have once had a positive connotation, it now seems to refer to those who are overweight.

My friend Sally isn't overweight, she's just voluptuous.

by Mark4124 October 11, 2009


What mothers would say if they were asked how their fat, ugly daughter looked like

It's meant to mean that someone's curvy, but nowadays, it's used a lot of the time in the context of being overweight

Daughter: mom, I'm trying to go on a diet. none of the boys like me, because I'm fat.

Mother: oh sweetie, you're not fat. you're just voluptuous.

by G Z April 8, 2009