too short

the bitches pimp

I'm too short baby the bitches pimp!

by nunua April 2, 2003

too short

Dope Rappa... that makes disses betta then feminem... too $hort is da shit

too short owns eminem.. period

by Crow August 18, 2003

too short

ya too short man because your name is too short so you are bitch!!!

too short

by Aaron Borg April 5, 2004

Too Short

A Great rapper who created the song,Fuck My Car!

Now wetha on the strip or in the bar,
If ya put your mind to it ya might get far
n need to be aplaya or a supa star
she ain't tripin on you she'dratha fuck ya car!!!

by gizzie April 2, 2003

Too short

A description of my pee-pee

"wow, that's too short"

"Your mum"

by Lintboiii January 5, 2020

Too Short

not tall enough. lacking height.

joe is too short to ride the rollercoaster

by obviously a pimp June 16, 2008

life is too short

An excuse to do stupid crap.

Person 1: Lets go smoke some pot
Person 2: NO, thats the stupidest idea...
Person 1: Come on life is too short

by Shizzlator February 5, 2006