To be put in one's place, whether in the form of a humiliating insult, beating, or other form of defeat.

"Oh, you came in here all arrogant, but you got TOLD!"

by inkdrinker April 25, 2003


To verbally abuse someone so bad they have nothing left to say.

Stan: Dude, what are you doing?
Frank: Cleaning my room, my mom was yelling and I just crumbled to her commands.
Stan: Fuck man, you got told by your mom!

by benormous April 17, 2006


A reasonable warning that is given to someone who will be afflicted with harm if he or she does not back down from an offensive position that would provoke such an assault.

What do you say to someone with two black eyes?

Nothing; they were already told twice.

by T Hizzle May 1, 2005


When you insualt someone greatly.

Jimmy: whao, where did you came from jon?
Jon: My mom's Vigina!
A little freak following us (kylr nott): OHH-you just got told.

by ddd November 21, 2003


You get told...

I smacked him, yeah he got told.
Your friend makes fun of you ... you got told

by Anonymous April 24, 2003


Snitching (telling) to the authorities a crime that you saw.

What you mean? I can't trust you because you told.

by Told snitch January 20, 2017


Past tense of Told

I tolded them to do their work

by Diction@y September 6, 2018