a fight between two people; a disagreement where two people aren't talking

Me and kat are in a little tiff...

by steph January 11, 2005


An argument, often between Husband and Wife

Those two seem to be having a Lover's Tiff!

by The G Daddy September 9, 2003



haha tiff

by fuckgirl2001 June 4, 2018


Abbreviation: That Is Fucking Funny.

"Wow, a definition of sufa - tiff!"

by The Original Tyler Durden October 27, 2006


An awkward and unsuspected passing of gas. Most often among a large group of people who are only acquaintances, or mutual friends.

boy- "last night at your parent's house, i totally passed a tiff."

girl- "i was wondering why you wanted to leave early."

by d000000dwheresmycar July 27, 2010


a lunch time quicky British

Bertha and I just had a tiff and now I'm itching real bad. Does this look infected?

by John F. Galt June 20, 2005

tiff tiff

A word invented by Harrison in 2013 designated for a single person and to be used only by Harrison. If anyone else uses this word they will be personally attended to by Harrison and will die by suffocation-by-boob.

Yo what up Tiff Tiff.

by tinkharry September 17, 2013