wen ur too lazy to spel thanks

guy 1:thx for the food friend.
guy 2:who the fuck are you and I don't have any friends.

by bagels with coffee August 28, 2018


thanks, used in e-mail, on message boards, and chat rooms online

Say hello to my grandmother for me ok thx.

by The Return of Light Joker January 22, 2008


1. bastardization of "thanks"; usually said in online conversations

A: ttyl
B: ya, ok thx

by sah January 31, 2003


cool sound at the beginning of a movie.

oh dude here come's the thx sound.

by a clever ud user October 2, 2009


Bastardization of 'Thnx,' which is a bastardization of 'Thanx,' which is a bastardization of 'Thanks,' which is a bastardization of 'Thank You.'

<Biatch>: I killed your rabbit!
<bish>: thx
<Biatch>: np

by bastardized bottomburp March 23, 2003


An abbreviation of "Thank you, Hat tip for your eXpertise".

k thx lol

by chinesepeasant October 18, 2011


What illiterate fucks who can't spell use for "thank you" online. Bastards.

hay dood, thx fer teh info.

by hornypanda March 21, 2004