A beautiful gorgeous girl that sometimes hides her thoughts but she’s intelligent!!

If you date her she is that kind of girl that you would want to be with !!

Star , a beautiful name to have

If you have a girl name star you are a shooting star

Don’t let star get to her bad side

she is a wonderful girl .
A girl that will keep you happy no matter what .
She is a lucky girl to have !! A firl that is sweet beautiful girl , A girl that is smart and a blast to have around ! She knows how to live life .

I wish im beautiful just like Star!

by thedictionarian1937 January 9, 2018


Hitting someone with enough force that they become dazed. Such as when a cartoon character has stars circling their head.

Yo, my guy just got starred in the dome piece.

by JimmyGotCorn December 7, 2021


A girl named Star is the best to be around. She is funny, and always the loudest in the room. Her past was rough, but people rarely see that side of her. When she is with her friends she is joking around and making them laugh. Don’t let the smile fool you, mess with Star or her friends and it will not end well. Star is the prettiest girl in any room, and everyone thinks she’s hecka hot. If you like a Star you need to make the first move, she needs to be treated like a princess.When Star opens up to you it shows you are special to her cause it rarely happens. Star is the first to give a friend a hug or help in any way. She’s tough on the outside but fragile on the inside. Once you got a Star, never let her go.

Girl: Who’s that girl near the bar?
Boy: I don’t know but she seems like a Star.

by Watermelonprincess10.swag November 15, 2018


When someone gets hit hard especially in the head. This may cause them to get dazed or confused. Very commonly used in video games.

Gamer 1: Hey look out, there’s a guy on right
Gamer 2: I see him. I starred him for 100
Gamer 1: Yeah he’s definitely confused after that shot

by FrozenBird December 7, 2021


A very loyal and pretty girl , you would be lucky to date Star

Star is the most loyal that I know.

by Lee1023 December 21, 2016


star is a real name- she is sweet beautiful funny and smart all in one..a blast to have around all the time she knows how to live life how it comes..


by estrella047 February 4, 2010


A dialectal common noun used to identify a person of acknowledgeable achievement or standing based on context and subject matter of discussion.
Apostrophe indicates the omission of a preceeding word such as "Super, Bar or Little."

"Your daughter impressed the judges with a perfect score,"
"That's my 'star!"

by wontonwonder July 15, 2009