your cock

your cock is small

by Herr Magie April 21, 2021


Like my PP

My PP is small

by Davide_24 May 7, 2021


what 50 cents dick size is

50 dick hella small

by Dadriene 'aka' Lady Hov 'bka' Lady Omarion December 12, 2003


Currency in terms of hundreds of dollars. "Five small" = $500. "Five large" = $5,000.

"How much did you win at the casino last night?"

"I won five small" ($500)

by dtothep April 12, 2011


an eighth of marijuana. technically 3.5 grams.

A) i'm looking for a small, how much?
B) it'll be 30 (dollars)

by slak October 4, 2003


It's a small word to describe something not very big. Also I only made this to see what it would say on a mug.

bob: billy you are small
billy: do you mean that in a bad way
bob: yes
billy: NOOOOO

by i give up on finding a name January 14, 2021


High or intoxicated on a drug. Originated from the Steve Martin skit: "Let's Get Small"

Let's get small off this weed.

by Doomhammr May 18, 2006