a deficiency, a flaw, an imperfection, fault, often concealed that impairs soundness.

Thank you for everything despite of my shortcomings you are still there to support me.

They share that character flaw of arrogance.

by Sharreyn August 14, 2006


A premature ejaculation.

He frequently suffers from shortcomings.

by Marquiwallio May 24, 2007

sexual shortcomings

A fancy polite way of saying that a man has a tiny little dick and will never be able to satisfy a woman if for no other reason than that he can’t get very far inside her.

Brenda: Why happened with you and Tom?
Charlotte: Tom has some…well…sexual shortcomings.
Brenda: let me fix that for you.
**Brenda and Charlotte make out and have hot lesbian sex**

by Bad C dev November 19, 2022

I apologize for all my shortcomings

The Gentlemen way of saying

"Sorry, I don't think or act like an asshole like yourself"

"I just don't understand how you can vote for Sanders!" Said the Republican

"I apologize for all my shortcomings." Replied the Millenial

by Nice cup of me February 6, 2016