she's bad

when a girl looks mad good all around

Yo u saw that girl walking dam she's bad

by Imma G ya digg June 11, 2009

she bad

She bad is a phrase that refers to a moment when a hot female is spotted or is being checked out. She bad means that she look extra hot and seductive.

Jordan: Yo check out Christina in those tights!
Bill: Dayum she bad!

by losdia ghsdoaui sdia February 18, 2016

she bad

A female that is very attractive.

Me: Damn bruh you saw Megan Good at the award show last night?

You: Yeah son, she bad af.

by rudeboi1992 February 17, 2016

She Bad

A female that takes care of herself and hers works and is good people " She bad "

You see that female looking all good, smelling good and she taking care of her kids dam she bad

by Mrpeewee520 September 30, 2018

she bad

A hoe that is good at what she does.

" ayyy ayyy she bad"

" oh yea she bad"

by Typical Sheldon November 25, 2015

Is she bad

Is she bad means asking if (she) is hot or attractive. This is mostly used when a guy mentions a girl and another guy wants to know if she’s hot.

Guy 1 - i’m bringing this girl over tonight

Guy 2 - is she bad?
Guy 1 - hell yeah

by eeveelutionsio December 27, 2022

She bad af

A vary beautiful girl

Example: yall ever drive some fine ass female and almost break your neck just to get a quick look at her. That

Yoooo wtf she bad af

by Tydoe March 25, 2021