Attitude, mouthing off, not backing down to the man, putting the smack down, opening a can of Bruce Lee.

1.Don't you sass me missy.
2. I didn't want to put up with her crap, so I sassed her.

by CSUID December 11, 2003


impudent or disrespectful back talk; can also refer to a sexual was of speaking

monica was very sassy to chad

by mr.hotstuffallthetime December 24, 2009


Meet, be aware of, have sex with

Hey, you sass that hoopy Ford Prefect? Now there's a frood who knowd where his towel is.

by Hoopy_Frood May 2, 2005


know, be aware of, meet, have sex with

hey, you sass that cool guy?

by loser guy February 20, 2003


Obscene language used specifically to be disrespectful

She was sassy, yo, and kind of saucy, too.

by Jeem Kutta July 18, 2004


1. A word to define the mouthing off of musicians / teachers / restless students (mostly music students, but also those with guitars) towards stage crew and management. 2. To define the attitude of tech towards newbie, or junior tech.

1. The band was kicked out because the lead singer was sassing the tech.

2. No matter how much your lackey needs to eat a bag of dicks, no sassing.

by maddlang December 29, 2005


(1). Bad or laughable fiction

(2.) Talentless hack, writer of bad fiction.

Can also refer to self delusion in regard to said fiction.

Can also be refered to as Persiflage

"You made a total Sass of that story"

"I'm sorry we can't publish your work, it's a total Sass"

Have you read his/her story. I can't tell him/her how bad it is he's a total Sass

by Avery T Deaken-Harry August 13, 2007