right out

assed out,shut down,deaded

You: O I asked my mom if i can go to the movies and she said no
Me:Damn you right out

by Ronneshia April 20, 2008

right out

To not be left out

I'm chilling with my friends! Totally right out.

by aesookghyo May 26, 2015

right out straight

Very busy. This term is used frequently and vigorously by residents of Maine, as observed by comedian Bob Marley.

"I've been right out straight tryin' to get the driveway cleared since the blizzard hit."

by gruverja May 2, 2008

Right Out Of The Gate

An idiom meaning "right away," similar to "right off the bat."

Mitch Holthus: TOUCHDOWN!! KAN-SAS CITY! A 106 YARD KICKOFF RETURN RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE! And it's a Houston native to do it!

by Buttered Quayle February 27, 2020

Right out of the blocks

Describes the word picture of a sprinter blasting out of the blocks at the beginning of a short distance race (e.g., 100-yard dash, 50-yard dash). Immediately; at the very beginning.

Right out of the blocks, he said we are in big trouble.

by Paul Cannongeyser December 13, 2007

Right out the oven

Synonym for 'hot'

Yo, Jwoww's tits are right out the oven, bro.

by llcoolc555 September 9, 2010

Left-right out

The position you play when warming the bench in baseball.

“How did you go today at little league?”
“I played left-right out.”

by SaintMickS April 15, 2019