In a rad way.
See also radness and radliness.

Spuds executed a triple backflip most radly, it looked like a stunt from Matrix.
Sheena wears her beauty pageant title radly, no fairer-than-thou bitch, she's everyone's pal.

by idunnit May 5, 2005


A very sexy human.

Radlie can jump way too high for what his body should be capable of.

by any%speedrun November 1, 2020


The quality of being rad.

Also has the intensive forms: uber-rad(liness), ultra-rad(liness), super-rad(liness), hyper-rad(liness).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are just brimming with radliness.

by idunnit May 3, 2005

boo radly

Boo radly easily the best dog name ever. A boo radly is a cuddly dog that love affection. He loves his tummy rubbed

Guy That sob is such a boo radly

Guy2 Thanks that's his name

by Horse Lover28 February 1, 2016