my feelings

being aware of ones own emotions

lately i have not been able to find the words that describe how i feel so i started defining words that describe my feelings

by BumStatusYo December 12, 2018

in my feelings

emotional, thinking about stuff

damn, that movie got me in my feelings. hit way too close to home.

by defyordinary February 25, 2012

in my feels

When something brings you deep into your emotions.

Dang man that music gets me deep I to my emotions (in my feels)

by Cheerxm March 12, 2017

in my feelings

When you feeling a type of way about something..usually about a person

I was in my feelings yesterday about Jasen.
* I was feeling a type of way

by YøøDontFyckWithMe April 16, 2015

In my feelings

When you're crushing on somebody that'll never like you back and it's making you upset. When you're in your feelings you will probably listen to sad/ love music and cry. They will also probably want to be alone.

Tilly: Hey Alisha! do you want to go to the pool?
Alisha: No thanks, I'm In my feelings right now.
Tilly: Oh don't worry about it :)

by Infinitysquare February 2, 2020

In my feelings

Drake’s new song 2018

or when you’re either mad or sad

1:bro did you hear the new hit ‘in my feelings’ by drake

2:not right now I’m in my feelings

by In my feelings July 22, 2018

my feelings!

What you say when you feel hurt or spited. Often used ironically.

Person 1: "ur mum GAI boi"
Person 2: "my feelings! :("

by BigLadIzaac April 29, 2019