money move

Describes the ability to have a say in what happens with money. Involves influence over large deals, financial transactions, and business dealings. Results from power, wealth, and/or position.

Cardi B used to be a stripper but now she is famous and can make money move.

by Lam Sauce May 3, 2018

Money Moves

Getting more money by doing business

Cardi B doesn't dance now she makes money moves.

by U get what im shayinggg February 28, 2018

Money Moves

A term used to describe a badass individual on their grind. This person works really hard to make moves in order to elevate their financial success, fame and or status.

In the words of a former stripper turned rapper Cardi B: Say I don’t gotta dance, I make money moves...I’m a boss, you a worker bitch, I make bloody moves.

by JennieLaLa24 December 11, 2017

Money Move

When you make the critical move on a girl. Eg. asking her out, asking her for a date...

"Watch me make the money move tonight!"

by Money Mover June 11, 2019

Money Moves

The trashy/ghetto girl anthem

Ew, look at Lil Gigi, I bet her current snap story is her lipsyncing Money Moves in her 2003 chevy impala

by Fr0sty76 November 20, 2017

money moves

When you spend lots of money on drugs for profit.

I dont dance bitch I make money moves.

by Gavinwallio August 15, 2017

Money moves

When u play fortnite and u do an amazing thing like no scope or jimpulsing someone into a trap tower or sniping with a gray tac shotgun

Jose made money moves on that 360 no scope in forkknife

by Shawncon December 21, 2018