Noun. A small, flaccid penis.

Suzy was disappointed to see John had a microsoft.

by Lord_G September 26, 2017


Organisation bent on world domination masquerading as a software company.

See also Bill Gates; Windows

Fucking shit Microsoft programs

by Alien Entity September 22, 2002


See World Domination

by Matt March 14, 2003


A company most famous for its satirical "operating system," Windows. A sort of play-on-code from genuine operating systems, Windows amuses millions with its cartoonishly-dated gui (graphical user interface), Gerald Ford-esque clumsiness (whoops! I froze again! *laugh track*), hyper-zealous licensing scheme, and utter lack of usability. For these reasons and many others Windows popularity remains very high.

And why shouldn't spyware be able to install itself on my computer?!

by Lenard DeWayne Jackson August 7, 2005


Run by Bill Gates who wants to have complete dominion over the Earth

Interviewer: Mr. Gates why are you trying to form a Monopoly?
Gates: Monopoly's just a game, I'm trying to control the fucking world.

by A-Lex March 10, 2006


M ost
I ntelligent
C ustomers
R ealize
O ur
S oftware
O nly
F ools
T eenagers

What's Microsoft?
You know it man. Hehe

by julienLee May 7, 2006


A description of Bill Gates' genitals.

Bill Gates: "Wanna see my microsoft?"

by Cthonian March 18, 2006