A beautiful girl who’s smart, honest and gentle, but she can also be aggressive. She likes to make random noises. She has eyes that sparkle under the light and sometimes change colour but are usually green. She loves chocolate. She rarely feels fear, she has rosy cheeks and always seems to have a gorgeous smile on her face. She’s not afraid of her sexuality. Although her hands always seem to be cold her heart is very warm, and her kiss gives a feeling like no other.

The most amazing, funny, cutest girl youd just be lucky to meet. easy to have 7+ hour convos with and never run out of things to talk about. Been thru alot of shit she didnt deserve yet still is the nicest person with a big heart and a softspot for animals. Overall the most amazing girl..the type you want to hold on to and never let go..

I hope I can be so lucky to meet my Lysha someday.

by alexgraywolf September 30, 2013


A sexy ass goddess

Bitchhhh have you seen lysha today?? aka (goddess)

by pussyeater2.0 November 24, 2021




by aijssojeowjwoam September 5, 2021