long run

For ever

We finna steal shit for the long run niggah

by Cacadeburro February 20, 2018

In The Long Run

In The Long Run - the longevity or life span

Of a person , place , thing or Gig .

In The Long Run that 5 year stint at

That part time job wasn't worth the effort
As the pay was crap and had no ambition to be the store manager.

In The Long Run that rust bucket he bought

10 years ago cost him more in repairs

In The Long Run he got his nut messing with that 304 but she put him on child support

In The Long Run after she couldn't collect child support anymore she kicked that kid out of the house

In The Long Run after he achieved his GED and commercial driver's license

He went and made something of himself.

In The Long Run after she started dieting and exercising she went from 322 lbs to 104 lbs

by Blu_leef March 26, 2023

maybe in the long run

A sarcastic way of replying to someones statement showing your disbelief in what they say/ without planning on actually doing what they ask of you.

Ben: "Hey Ryan, when you planning on giving me my $20 for the bet you lost"

Ryan: "Hmm, maybe in the long run"
Steve: "I swear, i'm gonna get all the girls at the party tonight"

Lisa: "Ha! Maybe in the long run"

by Gabesteezy January 28, 2010