little guy

Silly, goofy, whimsical. At times can be clumsy but still cute.

A little guy in a big world.

He’s just a little guy.

by little guy #1 January 26, 2023

little guy


So what are you going to do tonight, stay in and beat up the little guy?

by dr. shango August 3, 2003

little guy

street slang for a roxicodone 30 mg instant release pill.

slang for an roxy on long island, new york.

user- "lemme get a little guy"
dealer- "i got u..20 bills"

by thatOCguy February 23, 2010

little guy

The epitome of all that is puny. Lacking in every physical aspect.

Look at Taylor over there...he's such a little guy, even smaller than Raj.

by Chris/Squirts April 16, 2008

little guy

a cute name for cigarettes

can you spare a little guy?

by big guyy November 9, 2008

Little Guy

Refering to a person at the bottom.
Example: you have a ladder and you are at the bottom of it, but need to be at the stop.

The little guy has to work his way up in life to make it to the top!

by the actor May 13, 2011

Little guy

1. A familiar way to reference to your, or someone elses son or younger male sibling.
2. A less obvious way of describing a gram or small amount of drugs.

"I took the little guy to a baseball game."
Person A:"What are you looking for?"
Person B:"Just a little guy tonight."

by Turkey151 January 9, 2008