Prison file containing all information on a prisoner or also can mean their reputation. Prisoners can put false jackets on other prisoners to discredit them.

"He's a child molester, it's in his jacket"

by x July 24, 2003


someone who raises some one else child as his own with or without knowing

ian beale or any other sap
does he know that kid aint his why is he being a jacket

by nezzman January 13, 2008


prison slang for ones legal history

"He robbed a bank! It's in his jacket!"
"He must be an alcoholic because a DUI is in his jacket."

"She's a thief! Don't trust her! Shoplifting is in her jacket!"

by jwinter August 4, 2017


something your girlfriend takes and never gives back o matter what

man 1: Dude where`s your jacket? It`s cold out here!
man 2: My girlfriend took it last month and hasn`t given it back.

by I'mBatperson June 6, 2017


The police.

Used by Eazy-E on N.W.A.'s seminal single "Fuck tha Police".

"I'm tired of the motherfuckin' jacket. Sweatin my gang while I'm chillin' in the shack and shining the light in my face and for what? Maybe it's because I kick so much butt." -An exerpt from Eazy's verse on "Fuck tha Police"

by Narek February 1, 2007


a light coat worn in spring or fall

what your idea of a perfect date?
april 23 its not to hot and its not to cold its perfect for a light jacket
~miss congeniality

by loop February 26, 2005


A criminal record (form the term for the cardboard folders that held them)

Can't anyone find the jacket for this guy?

by The Return of Light Joker September 10, 2010