hella bad

Something or someone that is really cool or you really like.

That car is hella bad!

by Scott May 31, 2004

hella bad

one really baaad girl

"This girl is hella bad!"

by KTaraBlondie6429 June 18, 2003

Hella Bad

Horrible; Stupid; Unskilled; Retarded

#Mrevolution yaheard?

Mrev 6 going 7-20 on lan, hella bad ya heard?

by LordPerson April 11, 2007

Hella Bad Sandwich

1. A sandwich that is poorly made, not constructed well.
2. Something not dank bro
3. Very unkosher

1. Dude that subway was a hella bad sandwich.
2. That bong hit was hella bad sandwich, there was a fucking seed in it.
3. These pigs are hella bad sandwich.

by Corona Keazy May 31, 2007

hella bad news bears

A combination of the terms hella and bad news bears, defining something that is extremely bad, so much so that neither term on its own will completely encompass the magnitude of the situation

Wow, you got pulled over by the cops while you were drunk, and had weed in the car? That's hella bad news bears.

by the philanthropic arsonist October 23, 2008