Old school definition.

If you can hang it means you are good enough at something to keep up with the group. For a musician it means you can jam, without having to prepare, and you can play well. But it could also apply to other things, like playing basketball.

"You sure he should play?"
"Yeah, man, he can hang."

by InsultComicDog September 28, 2018


short for "hang out"

"I'm just gonna hang a Lolita's place today"

by Anonymous August 20, 2003


Not able to match ones' strength, endurance, stamina or intelligence. etc etc

Guy 1: "Yo man..I can't run no more...im tired"

Guy 2: "Damn homie, what's wrong?...You can't hang"

by Lonie May 17, 2006


they way u present your self during illegal actions.. such as drining or doing drugs or skating, or ect

Billy had one sip of beer and was doen for, yeha man he cant "hang" never invite him again

by big emmanuel from NY March 14, 2004


To make out sex it up have some fun

He baby wanna "hang"

by _fighting_my_fears November 14, 2017


(verb) of a computer or other machine, or a set of them: to stop functioning in the middle of a job or operation, to enter a suspended state, especially unexpectedly and without giving any indication of the cause.

"Morris's message ordered each receiving machine to send out a dozen like it, causing the whole network to hang."

"My computer mysteriously hangs every morning at 9:30."

by anarcissie May 28, 2008


If a woman's labia minora protrudes from her labia majora significantly. Big pussy lips.

I love girls with hang!
Girls with hang turn me on!

by Raoull Duke March 13, 2006