good looking

adj. The vastly optimistic assessment your friends use to describe the blind date they've arranged for you.

Matt: So tell me about her. Is she cute?

Claire: She's "good looking".

Matt: Wait...huh?

by lugnutwrench July 17, 2008

good looking

people that look annoyingly better than you.

Goodlooking people IE those that get sex regularly.

grr. that bastard looks better than me...

by HotrodHerman March 3, 2004

good looking

how to describe someone you think is hot.

he's pretty good looking.

by Annaas May 7, 2007

good looking

When ur hott aslo see: BrEnT

Brent is the sexiest guy in the world!!!

by XoLiLgUnItGrLxO April 18, 2005

good looking

lauren, holly, hannah and leena.

goddam them bithches are hot!

by loz November 6, 2003

good looks

noun: thank you, good looking out

Someone passes you a cigarette because you're out and you reply "good looks."

by Amy August 7, 2003

good look

1. To let someone know you appericiate their effort to help you out.

2. Abbreviation for good looking out.

1. Friend: Hey man you forgot your keys.
You: Aw thanks man, good look.

2. You: Can I get a ride?
Friend: Sure man.
You: Good look.

by Y0shi July 1, 2005