n, Usually a place that lacks any type of hospitable environment. Usually, these places are dry and extremely hot, lacking humidity. At night, these places are dry and extremely cold, but still lacking humidity. If found in one without the proper equipment for survival, one should probably contemplate their creator or suicide.

When mentioning the word "desert," only a smacktard thinks of a gun first.

The Sahara Desert
The Gobi Desert
The Barren Desert of the ugly chick's vagina.

by bAc0Nb0Y March 13, 2005


dry af

man1: Man why is Arizona so dry af
man2: Because its a desert

by AveryAveragePerson January 17, 2021


See Australia

Desert is another word for Australia. :)

Boy 1: Why is that when I think of a desert, I think of Australia.

Boy 2: Because most of the beautiful desert landmarks are found in Australia, buddy. :D

by Niagrabores April 20, 2010


commonly refers to the DESERT EAGLE .50 pistol invented in the 80's by Magnum Research Incorporated.
The DEagle fires a half inch slug that can do serious damage to human body tissue or can puncture armor such as Kevlar.

I need a powerful handgun so I will buy a Desert to smoke them fools at my smoke.

by jonathan May 1, 2004


a word to describe excessive camel toe on a chick

"dude did you see that girl in the spandex?"

"yeah dude like a fuckin desert"

by not_the_toe September 21, 2008


Africa is a desert.

Example :

Me: Whats in Africa?

Friend: Desert.

by darkmyst August 29, 2005


Desert-like, relating to a desert. Also, dry, not wet.

it hasn't rained in forever! If it doesn't rain soon, the whole town will become desertous!

by Desertousman February 15, 2011