damn nigga

When you look at something thats captures your attention with supprise and you have to express it.

Dude1:Hey dude, look at the jugs on her.
Dude2: Damn nigga! they huge!

by Robson July 19, 2005

Damn Nigga!

1.What you say when you see something strange/crazy
2. What you see when you see a hot bitch.

1.Damn nigga! You got knocked the fuck out!
2.Damn nigga! You see the ass on that bitch?

by Huevudo December 6, 2004

damn nigga you gay

A phrase used when someone says some gay shit.

Tyrone: I prefer xbox to playstation
Everyone else: damn nigga you gay

by yourmomsbabydaddy May 25, 2020

Nigga damn

A phenominon that allows white people to say the word "nigga" in front of a group of black people only if the word "damn" is followed.

...Nigga damn that's whack!

by Michael,Mason,Crosby, and Loyd March 4, 2009

Shit Nigga Damn

Something that impressed you.

- Dang nigga, look at that Brazilian ass
- Shit nigga damn, that's a fat ass girl

by Gustavo goose February 9, 2013

shit nigga damn

a nigga shitting, damn the police, yeah i'm a nigga.

Man i've gotta shit nigga damn.

by ren walkero October 1, 2008

Shit Nigga Damn

1) Used by the youth of today to express extreme anger and/or disappointment

2) Used to express higher levels of excitement.

When you're giving your lil snow bunny that good BBC from the back and go too deep and she pushes off of your stomach while yelling "Shit nigga damn"

by RealNiggaHoodTalk April 3, 2015