(exclaimation) Oldcootism used during great consternation or surprise. Used by 1890’s prospectors, cantankerous old farmers, and young people playing old people on TV in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.

Them dern aliens ruined my golldarn rubbarb patch with their flyin' machine, dagnabbit!

by crazyoldman October 17, 2003


an exclamation used as a more exotic alternative to goddammit! the origins of the word are somewhat hazy, but to hazard a guess- Mongolia?

dagnabbit!! my toes were just run over by a steamroller.
dagnabbit!! i just found out that im actually an alien from the planet GurroWACKAWACKA

by Sarah and Maddy January 13, 2005


a phrase meaning "oh shit!!"

Dagnabbit!!I left my panties in my borfriend's car!!

by Cool Coll Coll May 15, 2003


An expression used by farmers from Texas (said in very annoying accent, no offence)

"Ma, the corn field o'r there needs cuttin', dagnabbit!"

by poppile July 13, 2005


oh shit!

DAGNABBIT!!!!!I forgot my panties in my boyfriends car!!!

by cool coll coll May 15, 2003


term south american prospecors use when insulting sum1 or gettin a strong point across

"thate corn o'r there is needin harvested dagnabbit!"

by steph (nambar wan!) May 23, 2003


B: a mild expression of frustration uttered for polite company
from the convolution of "God Damn It"

Dangnabbit Ma don't be too harsh on him, the boy was only being a kid. Let him him be.

by R.Unger June 2, 2005