A standard of measurement or judgement.

In choosing a design for the new taxicabs, reliability will be our main criteria.

by Larstait November 11, 2003


Standards (plural) of measurement or judgement. Often (see previous definition) confused with its singular form 'criterion'.

In choosing a design for the new taxicabs, reliability and aesthetics will be our main criteria.

by jeff yates June 21, 2005


the clitoris

I bet that homie Uniboob has never even been around a Criteria, let alone know where it is

by Freddy Krueger’s Dreamcatcher January 13, 2022

search criteria

No one has defined this yet? What the hell I need a proper definition.

You thought you were gonna get a definition? Nope. You're just as disappointed as me now.

"Define 'search criteria' on UD"

No one has you're out of luck

by TorpidN1ghtmare September 6, 2017

Throckmorton Criteria

Based on the discredited medical terms "Throckmorton Sign " and "Anti-Throckmorton Sign," using Throckmorton Citeria basically means moving whichever way your johnson is pointed, i.e., on personal whim, or with baseless reasons.

Trump decided to re-open the US economic shutdown based on the Throckmorton Criteria.

by Meridienne April 11, 2020

bro or hoe criteria

The things that determine whether a girl can be a bro or not. The criteria for this is if they are funny, interesting, or ok with being hit or made fun of. If she is just a hot woman with not personality traits suitable for the boys, she is a hoe.

Dude 1: Emma wants to join the boys

Dude 2: We need to check the bro or hoe criteria first.

by RiceFactory February 28, 2020

Incidental Criteria

Knockout criteria that suddenly appear during the assessment of a project. These criteria have never been seen or mentioned before said assessment and if they are not fulfilled will result in a failing grade.

Teacher: "If you don't have a presentation by tomorrow, you'll fail this assignment"
Student: "This was not in the initial assignment, it's an Incidental Criteria"

by JustFOff July 1, 2021