When your friend puts the end of a blunt in his mouth, and blows the smoke into your face while you breath in as much smoke as possible.

Gotta love a charge!

by SuperSonicX October 8, 2005


Slang Term for Cocaine .

Chop us a line of that Charge , Dan.

by Funkinspacecadet January 12, 2006


slang word used by surfers intending to do something (may or may not be related to surf); somewhat equivalent to "go for it."

person A "I was thinking of surfing at Pipeline today, bro'."
person B "charge, man."
person A "This place is a mess. It'll take two of us to clean it."
person B "Let's just charge on it. It'll be done in no time."

by Lazy Time Waster November 7, 2004


COCAINE colombian marchin powder

i was on the charge all night man

by samsung January 20, 2006


1) to be caught by the police with drugs then being put on probation by the court for the offense.

u want to hit this blunt?
naw man i caught a charge.

did u hear about ben. ya that sucks he caught a charge.

by urbanhero July 2, 2009


to get an erection, stiffy,boner, hard on, woody!

Im gonna catch a charge, lookin at all these girls!!!!

by Kung Fu Rick November 2, 2003


to diss someone badly

after saying "damn yo hair is NAPPY!!' someone can say "aww...cuz...he charged you UP!!!'

by toto December 4, 2003