A device used for nun masturbation.

People don't make candles out of sperm any more because nuns kept getting pregnant.

by erokke July 11, 2004


A device that creates dim lighting. Every man owns exactly one, which he lights when he's trying to get a woman to have sex with him.

Just don't store the condoms near the candle.

by daywalker. August 26, 2009


A lazy man's way of saying "can't handle". Invented by a smart man by the name of john.

Zamy : "hey john lets go play sf!"
John: my computer candle it

by ihunt4bieber January 22, 2010


a joint, a blunt, its so thin and white that when lit it looks like a birthday candle

Katt Williams: "I have 12 candles at my house. I've been waiting to burn them mudafuckas"

by Brizzy Izzy July 26, 2011


Another word for a tampon.

Here, I'll buy you a candle. *No fucking pads...cheap losers.*

by azclawson July 19, 2010


a person with red pubes

aka red haired kid (ginger) with red pubes

dude zack is such a fucking candle

red in the head fire in the bed

by say WhAt!?!?1 December 22, 2008


When a man sets a woman's hair on fire, then masturbates and ejaculates on her head to put it out. This term is also valid when a female who is capable of squirting lights a man's hair on fire.

Baby, let's light up a candle.

by matchbox79 October 16, 2010