a piece of ass that you have no intention of having a relationship with but is there for fun

Damn that cake was good last night, too bad he will be gone for 6 months. Or

If your cake got deployed to Africa, that would make him a Zebra cake or if he got deployed to Jamacia that makes him a rum cake.

I can have cake here. I can have cake there. I can have cake anywhere.I can have cake on a plane or in a train while listening to Lil Wayne. I can have cake on Zulu time and I can have cake anytime.

by Little Deidre February 28, 2009


Sweet and loving in the giving of one's affection. Also refers to public displays of affection or tenderness.

When a couple or persons are affectionate towards each other, they are described as being "cake". A person may also say to their partner, "You are so caking on me."

by Dee Adams September 16, 2004


when something is cool or amazing beyond belief.
kind of like "fetch" in mean girls, except better.

OC member 1:"i went to an amazing party yesterday and got so drunk that i threw up in a bucket."

OC member 2:"DUDE, that's SO CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!"

by peeweeherman April 23, 2008


See lies and slander

The cake is a lie.
The cake is a lie.
The cake is a lie.
The cake is a lie.
The cake is a lie.

by Flash Dude March 9, 2010


sex, a way to say sex when the population surrounding you might take offence to the actual utterance of "sex"

What if sex were cake?

by Cakeimaca May 7, 2005


Cash; money; dollars.

Yo son I need some cake. I'ma run this ATM right quick.

by D-Miss November 14, 2006


To gas some brods head up.. make her feel like u love her when u dont

"you know i love you girl, you the only one in my life"
(caking) ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Your boy: why you cake brod like that
You: i was desperate for some pussy

by Silence The Lord April 14, 2004