bangtan boys

Bangtan boys also known as 'BTS' or 'Bulletproof boy scouts' are a south korean group with 7 members. They debut on june 16th 2013 with 'no more dream'

me: have you heard of BTS.
friend: i love bangtan boys. i cant believe you know them to.
friend 2: jung kook is so my bias.
me: yh v is so 4D.
friend : j-hope is such a grate dancer.

by jungkook September 15, 2013


A group consists of 7 boys(??) from Big Hit Entertainment who thinks they're swaggy and kewl but they are dorky and yaoi af


namjoon: You got no jams:)
suga: swag suag:)
j-hope: i'm very loser!:(
jin: i rap like jay-z:DD
jimin: i only have dirty water ;)
taehyung: turn up!111!!!1:D
jungkook: international playboy!;D *wenk wonk*

by fuckboy ent. May 29, 2015

Bangtan Boys

An international boy band that has seven members:

Namjoon:leader,pink monster,dance monster,the man that breaks everything

Jin: The Princess, Mr.Cooksalot
J-Hope: The amazing dance master, flute nose, is everyone's hope
Suga (Agustd): The cranky old man, Mr.Sleepsalot,Nof so sweet
Jimin: ChimChim, Mochi, our serendipity, our short man baby

V: TaeTae, 4D Alien, the reason we live,

Jungkook: Our savoir , Kookie, Our little bunny, The Golden Maknae
Bangtan Boys are the bomb.com.

by sweet_babechick_notgay January 17, 2019