Bad Gloop

When you take too many prescriptions painkillers and have diarrhea similar to shitting hot tar for several hours

A: Man I had a bad gloop last night after taking my dad's pain pills

B: Dude how are you not dead

by Bigbenis6969 January 7, 2021

ear hurts so bad

ear hurts so bad.

ear hurts so bad.

by Debskelly1985 May 3, 2023

A Bad Bitch


you just a bad bitch, pur.

by girlidek December 1, 2021

Bad Pachimari

A popular Overwatch content creator who is known for cursing Overwatch League teams with his match predictions

Person 1: Bad Pachimari predicted the Fusion to win
Person 2: Oh damn, they’ve already lost

by technopat3 November 6, 2022

bad cabbage

an unspeakably gross sex act

"i heard Adam bad cabbaged his girlfriend the other night"
"ewwww!" "ugghhh!" "no way!!"

by bad cabbage wilkins May 9, 2014


A person who is extremely down bad to the point they turned into a demon from the sins they committed

@calderonhimself is a down bad demon

by InstaDBP January 25, 2021

Bad influencer

A bad person who makes bad videos

Example:Addison Rae

Addison Rae is a bad influencer

by Someonethatsastranger June 9, 2021