Often used in New Jersey, Philly, and NY the word "bad" refers to an individual being cute, pretty, or attractive all together. In rapping, it is mostly followed by the word bitch, making one a bad bitch. A pretty female who is a 10. The word "bad" can be used for both genders despite being used on females more.

"Now THAT'S a bad bitch!"

by ItsBarbieee March 10, 2012



Friend 1: You're bad ;)

by SUSSY MAN XD XD May 26, 2021


A Dutch word meaning "Bath"

lekker ding, ga je mee in bad?

by Stefan Adelmund March 2, 2005


A female that is attractive and dresses well.

Yo, she is bad!

Im looking for a gf that's bad.

by T.iara May 17, 2011


Rocked cocaine, aka base rocks, crack, work, hard ect.

Yo! I got the bad.

by Chucky D September 13, 2003


A girl that has a great and sexy body. Sometimes not pretty in the face but if she wore a mask you would definitley smash that.

You see that girl in the lunch line just now?

A son she bad!!!

by nonna yo buizzzznazzz May 2, 2009


The worst thing that can possibly happen.

"Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light. That's bad."

by Ghostbuster Dude July 24, 2007