not good


by POGGERSVHUN F November 4, 2020


used to describe a cute , sexy , hot girl

trey : i have a new girl in my history class

kayden : damn shes bad

by occc47 May 1, 2019


Somethin' very cool , but called " mischief " by others .

He's such a bad boy , they kicked him out of school for vandalism , but it sure was cool .

by Greg Bred April 10, 2004


if the word is used in the form of something as a subject then that means it is a totally good thing and that you seem to be experienced at it.

your game is badass

by Nananku Chizule Shytano May 20, 2004


adj. good. Once antonyms, now synonyms in ebonics.

One library patron to another:

"Eric Jerome Dickey's novels SLEEPING WITH STRANGERS and WAKING WITH ENEMIES are sequels that are really bad. They are page turners, and I can hardly wait for his next novel. He is one bad writer."

by Richard Black September 14, 2007


To use the original word of bad, which normally means not good into a word that translates into everything that's good.

of good quality; having the qualities required for a particular role.

Something that is good is bad.

"That actress is so bad(good) she makes every other girl envious"

When you and your friend are playing basketball and your friend makes a great play. You might say,"man that play was bad(good)".

by You bad October 30, 2013


Having the qualities of badness

He is such a bad

by bob January 1, 2004