adjective used to describe a trendy woman.
Good looking or attractive
Envied and wanted by many

I can't go to the club without a man/woman tellin me how bad i am.

by 513nympho June 21, 2007


When you see a very good looking female.

"That girl is bad!"

by infinityx3 December 31, 2009


a lot, much

"i love you so bad!"
"i want that so bad!"

by GdAWG April 22, 2004


good / amazing - strange and can be VERY confusing

whoa - those trainers are bad! where'd u get 'em from?

by sophie March 19, 2003


A person solely taking blame for one's action.

That's my bad.

by gamill April 17, 2003


when you say something and a person agrees with you by saying bad

girl: ugh! that boy talks too much damn!

girl2: bad, he needs to shut up sometimes!

by bad biish February 17, 2017


to be fine, or sexy.

damn she is bad with her big ass and long hair

by queen lay November 22, 2016