FAGGOT!!!!!!!!! FAGGOT!!!!!!!!! FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!

Something Seth Putnam of the band Anal Cunt liked to say a lot.

Seth Putnam: FAGGOT!!!!!!!!! FAGGOT!!!!!!!!! FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!

You’re fucking gay!!!

by Zatarain’s Root Beer Drinker January 25, 2021


a pioneer of being a faggot in a group

Hey dude, stop being a faggoteer

by Ill Peerson January 29, 2010


faggot is a word used towards gay men , fruit men, and men that slap other men’s butts .

“yo jayvon over there just smacked forrells ass. yo! he a faggot

by levonblarks August 15, 2019


a way to refer to a gay person, usually in a non-supportive way

Friend 1: Did you hear John came out as gay?

Friend 2: I knew that bitch was a faggot..

by xikonoreos December 4, 2022


That guy standing a little too close behind you in the supermarket queue.

Hey faggot, stop rubbing your willy against my trousers.

by JZ783 December 2, 2015


Relating to homosexual or feminine aspects. Better when said in a single word sentence as a response to a hearing about feminine characteristic.

"Jerry got a new hairstyle that's long and pink. That sounds like faggotism to me."

Jim: "John wears lipstick."
Bob: "(While shaking his head)Faggotism."

by Jokeezie April 12, 2008


A meatball, a traditional culinary dish popular in the United Kingdom. Often served with gravy and mushy processed peas. Any internet search for (faggots and peas) will show you the meatballs' authenticity.

Faggots and Peas
1.5 lbs pig's fry 1 cup fresh breadcrumbs
2 medium sized onions salt and pepper
2 tbsps fresh sage or 1 of dried 1 tbsp plain flour

Wask the fry, leaving the caul (the lacy, fatty membrane surrounding the stomach and gut) and leave it in lukewarm water to make it more pliable. Mince or chop the fry and onion and mix thoroughly with the breadcrumbs, seasoning and sage. Form into eight portions and wrap each portion in a piece of caul. Place in a baking dish and cover with the hot water. Bake in a moderate oven for about three hours until the faggots are nicely browned. More hot water cab be added if needed. Thicken the juice with the flour half an hour before serving.

These faggots are traditionally served with mushy peas: soak dried peas overnight and then team or boil slowly while the faggots are cooking.

Are we having faggots for dinner mum?

by ukpantyboy February 25, 2006