To Squirrel

To disappear from a drinking event without anyone noticing, and then return to home.

The behavior is sometimes a response to shame from not being able to hang with the big boys and girls.

In some instances the behavior is the result of such a drunken level of stupor that the individual turns on his or her Lassie instincts and finds his or her way home like a K9.

To Squirrel

Mike: Where the fuck did Amir go?
General Consensus: I have no idea!
Mike: Damn it! Amir squirreled again!

by Francois1980 February 27, 2009


When you think you have Julian Edelman covered tight and the little guy still catches the damn ball!!!

Julian Edelman squirreled us again on 3rd down !!!

by Leonbaby June 19, 2019


Becoming distracted from your original conversation by something more interesting or attractive.

Mary tended to squirrel from our conversation when a hot man walked by the table.

by Witchlite October 2, 2014

Squirrelling it

To have your plans foiled by an inadvertent action you made.

As you attempt to make thousands of dollars by betting on a football game you know the outcome of, the squirrel, that you puked on, after just waking up from a drunken haze, in a hot tub, after travelling back in time, appears on the football field, and changes the outcome of the game.

Dude: "We didn't travel back in time so you could bet on football"
Bro: "But I know who wins"
Dude: "Go for it then!"
...moments later...
Dude: "How much did we make??"
Bro: "Nothing, I ended up squirrelling it"

by Jackalope Hunter April 1, 2010


To be easily distracted by something - to be squirrelled.

I was talking to my friend when I was squirrelled by a conversation on the table behind us.

by MonStar78 June 26, 2016


1. referring to a sudden distraction (an A.D.D. lapse in time) mid thought, while another is talking, or when trying to accomplish any task.

(definition is in reference to the movie Up when the evil dogs would stop mid sentence thinking they saw a squirrel)

Example 1: "Stop squirreling on me bro."

Example 2: "Quit squirreling on me every 2 seconds, I'm trying to give you directions."

NOTE: there was a lot of squirreling while trying to define this word.

by mfucci September 7, 2012


The most terrifying creature ever created.

I was attacked by a squirrel.

by D-Monkey February 27, 2018