The Table

The largest and most mysterious high-school social organization in Houston. Antics include anti-cotillion and -homecoming parties, polygamy, cooking competitions, tiara rape, and star wars spoof videos. Descended from 'the blob' and root group of the 'Neo-Table.'

Complete strangers brought together through fate, corruption, and sparkles.

"The table = girls who enjoy shoving crap in my hair and correcting my grammar." - Winston Knapp

Marcus (I) am the husband of ALL table members. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you're part of the table, you're part of my harem. - Marcus Barnett, 'Basic Fundamental Principles of the Table'

by KN69 September 10, 2009

The Table

An area where you can make tik toks and listen to Post Malone.

Anyone can visit The Table.

by yellowmamba69 October 31, 2019


To sit at a table for a collegiate organization in order to harrass those who pass by in the hopes of raising money for your unfortuante cause of the day

I was tableing for the vagina monologues when a huge monkey attacked. .... luckily I was tableing so he didnt bother me.

by Houlahan February 22, 2006


An inanimate object that James Hetfield of Metallica claims to be.


by m3tallic4 October 16, 2012

on the table

To say that something is "on the table" means that said object is being used as a bargaining chip during negotiations. Used frequently during governmental budget negotiations as a political sacrifice.

Congressional Republicans, in their lust for lower taxes for the wealthy, let it be known that all social safety net programs are on the table.

by rich rick July 19, 2011


a fuckin table

guy 1: i have a tabel
guy 2: how the fuck did you misspell table
guy fieri: guy fieri

by sexualgrenade March 22, 2022


1. Like a hard, I guess sometimes wood top with usually four legs coming off it.

Uh, let's go sit at that table.

by FangFortitude43 January 9, 2015