The Pants

Those floral pants a girl wears at school that makes her butt look huge.

GOD Damnnnnnn, she brought out "the pants" again.

by Foh Nem March 3, 2016

The Pants

A complete loser who has literally no idea he is being made fun of behind his back. A total fool oblivious to anything and everything in life.

Example A
"The Pants won't wear shorts to practice."
"Doesn't he understand that you HAVE to wear shorts?"

Example B
"Hey guys, what's a 'Badonkadonk'?"

by MyMomWontLetMe January 16, 2006

The Pants

Adjective. Something extremely good. Similar to Da Bomb.

Yo dawg, that pizza was The Pants yo.

by G Cracka and A Dizzle August 6, 2006

The Pants

A Band from the small Canadian town Courtice
-Noted for being the first band ever classified as "New Wave Acid Jungle Rock"
-Currently working on their first studio album while playing multiple gigs in the Clarington area

Examples of The Pants and New Wave Acid Jungle Rock can be seen at


by Maz10 November 9, 2008


The process to putting on pants.

I am PANTING in my room.

by Tastik Everything July 1, 2022


(a) Noun. American, also used in some British dialects. Trousers, a bifurcated outer garment covering the body and each leg from waist to ankle. Until the late 20th century traditionally a male garment.

(b) Noun. British. Underpants.

(c) Verb. American. To pull down someone's pants (trousers). Can be done to either males or females by either males or females. See also depants

(d) Verb. American. To overpower someone and remove his trousers by force as a humiliation. Equivalent to the British debag. Usually only done to males as removal of the pants, the traditional male garment, is a symbolic emasculation. Pantsing in this sense may be used as an initiation rite, a punishment, or just done for fun. See also depants

(e) Verb. American. Strip someone naked.

(f) Verb. American. Inflict a crushing defeat on someone.

(g) Verb. American. To inflict crushing criticism on someone.

(h) Adjective. British. Rubbish

(a) Girls are not permitted to wear pants at this school.

(b) He had nothing on but his pants and socks.

(c) While I was talking to some girls my so-called friend came up behind me and pantsed me.

(d) We grabbed him, took him behind the bushes and held him down while the girls pantsed him.

(e) We pantsed him, got all his clothes off.

(f) Our team got pantsed again.

(g) Don't make silly comments in an Internet discussion group or you will be publicly pantsed.

(h) Your opinion is pants.

by Simon Knuckleweed January 29, 2004

No pants

Having a mood of no worries and being carefree

No problems
Mood: no pants

Her: how's it going

Him: i have no homework due tomorrow so it's a no pants day

by Unlimitedbreadsticks November 16, 2017