The Oatmeal

A hilarious and kick ass web comic created by Matthew Inman who is from Seattle, a city built of awesomeness. The comic covers serious topics such as tacos, hammer pants vs. hipsters, interpreting beverage options on an airplane, pros and cons of sitting down to pee, and what Santa really does when you're asleep.

Why don't you just go to The Oatmeal web site instead of reading some dumb ass example?

by Flying Asian December 30, 2011

to be oatmealed

Having your website mentioned by a social actor so viral that it makes your servers crash. The expression originates from comments regarding Matthew Inman's (cartoonist behind The Oatmeal) sending a gigantic amount of people on a given website once he mentions it on his facebook page, and making this website unavailable to other fans within seconds of being posted, every single time.

— Heh. Their site's been oatmealed.
— I know, they'll need a new server now that The Oatmeal mentioned them in a post!
— It kinda both is nice and sucks to be oatmealed.

by jorondo June 17, 2013


An breakfast consisting of warmed oats and water... quite tasty! its not a pussy you pervs!

Mom can I have oatmeal for breakfast

by miss peeniz biznatch November 9, 2003


grits for white people

Tyron Brown and John Smith went out for breakfast. Tyron ordered grits, and John ordered oatmeal.

by GMODAMAN June 30, 2010


Breakfast consisting of rolled whole-grain oats boiled in water, you goddamn faggots. Its not sex or gay sex or oral sex or any of this bullshit you dumb fucking faggots!

I ate Oatmeal for breakfast.

by T4C January 17, 2005



Damn that girl thiccer than a bowl of “oatmeal

by Youze a lame January 31, 2018


Frosty's original name

Let's name the snowman Oatmeal!

by T-Dog Jenkins June 13, 2004