1. referring to a sudden distraction (an A.D.D. lapse in time) mid thought, while another is talking, or when trying to accomplish any task.

(definition is in reference to the movie Up when the evil dogs would stop mid sentence thinking they saw a squirrel)

Example 1: "Stop squirreling on me bro."

Example 2: "Quit squirreling on me every 2 seconds, I'm trying to give you directions."

NOTE: there was a lot of squirreling while trying to define this word.

by mfucci September 7, 2012


To go out looking for your nut, and getting your nut from a female preferably.

Last night me and Tom went squirreling but couldn't find any females.

by Philippes April 4, 2011


The act of cramming your dick so far into a female that your nuts stay warm for the winter.

Dude, I heard that guy was squirreling so hard last night that he cracked a nut.

by Thebushyc May 5, 2015


Squirrel, n. — a pejorative term used by Scientologists denoting either:

1. (When used by Church of Scientology members) An Independent Scientologist/Freezone Scientologist, Scientology reformist, one who practices Scientology outside the confines and sanction of the authoritarian Church of Scientology

2. (When used by Freezone/Independent Scientologists) Someone who alters the tech (Scientology doctrine) and uses off-beat, harmful, and/or ineffective practices. This was the original definition before David Miscavige changed it. However, due to the lack of resources and authority in the Freezone, as well as 2.0, it's sometimes accurate.

v. 1. (When used by Church of Scientology members) the action of practicing Scientology outside of Church sanction.

2. (When used by Freezoners) the act of editing Scientology beliefs, practices, and tech (the Bridge as it existed when LRH died); going off into off-beat/other practices, embracing harmful/Church-like/irrelevant to the reality of the Freezone policies, going into agreement with ones own misunderstoods of policy/doctrine. Acting like Miscavige. Among adherents of the Freezone, it is debated whether or not the Bridge is something that can be added to as an extension.

Adj. 1 (When used by CoS) Of or relating to Independent Scientologists and/or the Freezone

Adj. 2 (When used by Freezoners) Of or relating to changing the tech, or related to acting like Miscavige

N1: “These so-called independents are fucking squirrels.”
N2: “Dwarfenfuhrer and his cronies are a bunch of squirrels.”

V1: “Sir, we’ve noticed a huge influx of squirreling since we’ve stopped participating in any interviews. No sir, it seems to because those freezoners are fully willing to talk to journalists and authors. No sir not some dinky newspaper...CNN, sir. Yes sir like you 40 years ago...yes sir you’re very smart and handsome, totally not more wax than man...yes sir your whiskey is right here....don’t hit me again.”
V2. “Lol CofS has been squirreling the TRs courses out of existence.”

Adj1. “These squirrel orgs are becoming a problem. Moron says we can’t sue this time.”
Adj2. “This squirrel version of Dianetics is almost unreadable.”

by Kanye MEST September 23, 2020


To stock up on drinks before the end of happy hour or last call

Natalie started squirreling when she heard 2 for 1 drinks were about to end.

by FlipCup1023 January 13, 2013


The act of putting your hands out in-front of you like a squirrel and making a puppy dog face

"Hey, stop squirreling! It'll be okay!"

by COOKIESQUIRREL November 8, 2014


A female who is so horny that she needs to orgasm soon. She has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of her lover and is on the verge of having a spontaneous orgasm. She is sitting on her "nut", ready for it to "bust". Females who are capable of multiple orgasms are sitting on a pile of many nuts. Just like Squirrels who save their nuts for winter (the coldest season ever), she has been saving her nuts for a stone cold freak and does not want to waste them because they are the sweetest joy.

Homegirl1: "Girl, what you doin?"
Bestie: "I am Squirreling like a motherfucker, if I don't get some soon I'm gonna bust!"
Homegirl1:"Squirreling? Wtf is that?"
Bestie:"I am sitting on a pile of nuts"
Homegirl1: "LMAO You are so stupid!!!!"
Horny AF Multiple Orgasms Ready For Sex

by ChocTini12 August 26, 2017