When you think you have Julian Edelman covered tight and the little guy still catches the damn ball!!!

Julian Edelman squirreled us again on 3rd down !!!

by Leonbaby June 19, 2019


To get distracted. To go off on a tangent.

I was heading to the shop, but I got Squirreled and ended up at my friends house.

by cssbtrans3 May 19, 2014


The cleaner definition is to be distracted in an impulsive or ADD-esque manner, much like that dog in the movie UP.

My nephew had my aunt squirreled at Wal-mart today by all the goodies he was looking at

by thatoneguynamed_will December 5, 2009


Holiday Life where Cat Naps are encouraged and necessary. The Global World through the Eyes of a Cat Named Squirrel. It's a happy, furry, relaxing place; where cat naps are encouraged and you experience Global Jetset Life to the fullest!

MC: If you were voted Ms. Global JetSet what would you do for the Squirreled?
Candidate: If I were voted Ms. Global JetSet I would fight for Squirreled Peace and I believe in power of The Squirreled Wide Web to make this a reality.

by Prozic December 13, 2005


Becoming distracted from your original conversation by something more interesting or attractive.

Mary tended to squirrel from our conversation when a hot man walked by the table.

by Witchlite October 2, 2014

Squirrelling it

To have your plans foiled by an inadvertent action you made.

As you attempt to make thousands of dollars by betting on a football game you know the outcome of, the squirrel, that you puked on, after just waking up from a drunken haze, in a hot tub, after travelling back in time, appears on the football field, and changes the outcome of the game.

Dude: "We didn't travel back in time so you could bet on football"
Bro: "But I know who wins"
Dude: "Go for it then!"
...moments later...
Dude: "How much did we make??"
Bro: "Nothing, I ended up squirrelling it"

by Jackalope Hunter April 1, 2010


To be easily distracted by something - to be squirrelled.

I was talking to my friend when I was squirrelled by a conversation on the table behind us.

by MonStar78 June 26, 2016