Becoming distracted from your original conversation by something more interesting or attractive.

Mary tended to squirrel from our conversation when a hot man walked by the table.

by Witchlite October 2, 2014


The most terrifying creature ever created.

I was attacked by a squirrel.

by D-Monkey February 27, 2018


A promiscuous man-whore, who constantly seeks sexual pleasure which he calls a "nut".

I was beginning to think you were unlike the other cheating men of my past until you hit on my sister. You're nothing but a Squirrel, just like all the others !

by talk2me-JCH2 May 7, 2017


Brown furry Douchebags, may look cute but they will rule The universe in 15 years

Hey look a squirrel! Oh, its building a warmachine

by WouldyouF May 20, 2019


A nickname often given to a rookie firefighter who tends to be over zealous.

They typically believe they know more than they actually do, and relish in telling others the stories of there heroism, which are almost always exaggerations of the truth.

Did you meet the new guy? He was talking about that box the other day. To hear him tell it, you'd think he drove the engine there, and put the thing out himself. What a squirrel.

by HackerZC October 14, 2010


An attractive person/eye candy. Cause you get distracted just like Doug from UP!

Heeeeyyyy.... check out that fine squirrel.

by Munjenitis April 19, 2017


A seemingly adorable creature who is secretly evil & has light-sabers & guns. Also, the squirrels Lord & Master is Foamy the Squirrel.

Wow. Did you see that squirrel attack Mike? The squirrel was totally ninja.

Oh, I've heard of squirrels attacking ppl... They start out looking cute then go physco.

I bet the squirrel was part of the Church of Foamy...

Yeah, I bet your right

by BEWARE_of_the_squirrels March 28, 2010