So Pretty

Bad, gorgeous, a jawn, a snack, a meal, beautiful, a queen, a vibrant being, appearance leaves you speechless

Yo B, you SO PRETTY (SOOO PRETTTY) girl. Like damn, can i lick you?

by “Church Content” on Youtube June 13, 2021

so pretty

What you say to a friend when he/she says something/does something stupid, usually accompanied by petting their hair.

A. damn it I left my cell phone at work!
B. Soo pretty (pet pet)

by c and b July 20, 2005

So pretty!

A term used for a really dumb girl

Or a really dumb guy he is so handsome!

After she messed up our entire order.

Lady you are so pretty!
Or sir you are so handsome
Way to goodlookin to work here.

by LilKrazy6980 February 5, 2020

You're so pretty

Response to a completely inarticulate comment made by someone who should focus mostly on looking attractive to become successful. Verbal communication by this person is likely to cause embarrassment to this person and to those around her.

MISS CALIFORNIA: "We live in a land that you can choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage"

EVERYONE AROUND HER: "Miss California, you're so pretty."

by UrbanGirlInFL April 23, 2009

you’re so pretty

a polite way to tell a dumbass to fuck off.

You made a dumb mistake, and you want my help fixing it? You’re so pretty.

by El Wappo. July 4, 2019