Shitman is a fictional character, a superhero widely considered to be an Internet cultural icon.

Shitman is the alter ego of 47 year old Namtih Tnega, a village idiot that is often very angry at how unfair the world is towards him.

It's a Turd.. It's Insane.. It's Shitman!

by shitman sucks March 28, 2009


A type of Hitman who utilizes in shtting rather than killing

Man: I'm going to use a Hitman to fuck you up
Robber: What?
Man: A SHITMAN to crap on you, then I'll call the Cops!

by lolmaster444 July 3, 2017


A shitman is a word used to describe a person that is totally constructed from the soles of their feet too the crown of there head of shit

Mark and Wayne walk past Robbie and mark says good morning .. Wayne says to mark . Why are you talking to that bosses dog he’s a shitman

by Potsie 001 September 13, 2022


Shitman =Rohit sharma fans call him hitman but in reality people call him shitman

He dont be a shitman like shittu roshit shatma

by Fanofshitman January 9, 2022


To excrete, To use the toilet, to empty the bowel.

I'm going for a Shitman. Is there any toilet paper?

by Steve Woodier October 27, 2007


every time you hit the bathroom in middle school this guy is in there takin a shit

third hour shit break....dude...do you ever leave the shitter shitman?

by crazy hurren nite guy tew shy November 4, 2012


1.a man and/or woman, made of shit.
2.a person of exceptional shitness..aka are really bad at what theyre doing/trying

1.ahaha...look at that guy try n kickflip...pfft shitman
2.can you play poker?..."nope"....well your a shitman aren't ya?

by NOFX=finally, a punk band May 7, 2006