Thic, juicy and soft. It can be a statement or a compliment

"Oh Janelle you are looking really plump lately"

by Island boi23 June 18, 2017


Chubby, Fat, Well Rounded

'Have you seen Lewis' belly recently? He's definitely beginning to look a little plump.'

by MCLCLCNCJCOC123 January 29, 2017


Plump is known as girls with good pussy, all shape and sizes.

Him: “girl this pussy plump

by Pursu3d July 2, 2019


to vomit while taking a poop on the toilet.

Aj was in In N' Out, when he plumped all over the bathroom stall.

by PDUBB95 December 10, 2010


the sound your shit makes when it falls into the toilet water

Dude, the shit I just made had the biggest plump

by slayallday69137 June 30, 2022


Description of a beautiful princess living up in the mountains that enjoys eating mangos right before she does her Zumba in order to loosen her hips so that when she puts on her superhero outfit she is more flexible in exploring the jungles of California with her partner Tarzan.

If you can take the heat then you are plump.

by Ladera Tarzan June 29, 2011


The act of fornication; to have sex.

"i just plumped that bitch!"

"hey girl, wanna plump?"

by bob blumpkin October 8, 2012