A person who is ignorant and generally has no idea about anything.

Don't talk to me like ya know me, ya muppet

by Lloyd (Stallion) Salas November 15, 2002


A right useless fuckwit.

Fuck off Tony Abbott, you muppet

by touchmywang October 29, 2014


Someone who is useless until you shove your fist up them - Just like Kermit !

He's a complete muppet

by Steve Mc March 26, 2003


"Well, it's not quite a mop, it's not quite a puppet, but man... " - Homer Simpson

That explains it all

by Idiot Paranoia August 25, 2004


A nicer way to say you are an idiot, or a retard.

E.G. "OMG you are such a muppet!" or "Haha you muppet!"

You could use this when talking to friends if you don't want to use something as harsh as idiot.

Idiot cuss Muppet

by Ooooo friend! October 8, 2011


an affectionate term for someone who's a bit stupid

"aww u dappy muppet"

by alchemy (1/3 of We ARE PsyCHo MuPpets) March 11, 2004


A Stupid person which has nothing better to do

''what are you doin you muppet!''

by sweet jesus May 5, 2006