Manu - short for Manuel
Manu means 'second born'

A Manu usually is a gorgeous man. He's perfect -inside and out-. Every woman wants to be with him.

Manus are intelligent, good looking, nice company. They have a great taste for music.

Damn, are you dating Manu?! Lucky you..

by onlythetruthhere December 21, 2013


A beautiful girl who has a great sense of humour. A Manu is a one of kind type of person if you ever get a Manu you never want to lose them. Their eyes are the most beautiful feature. Manu 's can be easily annoyed by people they don't get along with, never get on their bad side.

Omggg.... I'm friends with a Manu

by plasticbitch July 10, 2018


A shortened name (in French) for Emmanuel. A common guy's name.

Hmmm.. there's something about that Manu. Can't put him out of my mind.

Warning: A crush on a Manu will doubtless be indefinite & unrequited.

by Sarah G. May 3, 2006


Short for Manuel. Perfection.

A handsome man

Deutschland keeper, Manu Neuer, was the best at the World Cup.

by iheartNeuer August 15, 2010



but has a heart.

and is also kind of funny.

just a total gansta and thug.

really living that thug lyf.



'He was such a Manu'

by gangsta thug May 13, 2016


A man short in stature, frequenting public places after dusk; most often lurking, in most cases with his much taller, partner in crime Jamal.

That guy is totally trying to pull a Manu, but it is far too early in the day to be wreaking havoc, and his frient is not nearly tall enough to be Jamal.

Manu didn't get invited to the party, so he called up Jamal and they meandered instead.

by ManJam3000 July 19, 2010


Similar to Kobe!, but for Spurs fans. This means when you throw something in the trash can with your left hand and make it, you yell out Manu!

Sitting at a lunch table, bad sandwhich, throw it into trash can, make it. "Manu!"

by Chris Lazo February 7, 2007