-A nickname for the wrestler Rhea Ripley. Created by her on screen boyfriend Dominik Mysterio
-Often used by her MosherZ as well

“Yo did you see what our MAMI did on Raw this week? She’s a beautiful badass!”

by rheamoshpit August 24, 2023


Mamí, Is spanish slang for baby, sexy,
Other names used ... Chula, Mamacita, Mamita, Nena etc.

*Ay mamí tù tan caliente.
(oh, Girl you soo Sexy.)

*Ey, Mamí cum ov'a here, Let me talk to you right quick.

by La Rósa Boriqua April 23, 2003


A hottie girl that's usually a trying to flirt or a guy says that when talking or flirting with a girl

Boy- hey mami what you doing tonight
Girl- nothing slide over baby

by Ella Nermin June 19, 2016


{{IS A SPANISH WORD}}Mainly used by Dominicans, Puerto Ricans,Cubans & Other. These are the countries that originally used this as more of a slang term.Can be used with kids,Partner{female}.Similar 2 Hun,Boo,Girl,Baby .{males Refer to females:Mami}{females refer to males : Papi}

Now this word is being used by non-spanish speaking people
{spanglish}, Can be used by anyone{short form is Ma}

{males Refer to females:Mami}{females refer to males : Papi}
{Mami example 1}
Guy:How u doin mami?___how u doin honey
Girl:Im good

{Example 2 Different Context Meaning beautiful women.}
Guy:Woah Que Mami.

{Example 3. Use with children}
Mother:Mami how was school today?
Daughter: It was Good.

by x_Tha_Latina January 21, 2006



•(a attractive way to call your girlfriend or hot lady)

call me Mami

by Germs 😈 March 20, 2020


Familiar name used by native spanish speakers when referring to a female.

Also commonly replaced with "Mama"

The female counterpart of the word "Papi".

Damn, Mami! You lookin good today girl!

by Daumin0 February 11, 2003


the hottest, most prettiest woman in the world.

Mami has the juiciest tonka honka.

by MiamiHot444 July 7, 2022