extra 2 inches

When you get an erection and your dick gets longer

OMG honey you just got an extra 2 inches

by Walawe July 10, 2019

12 inch sinker

When a girl is very horny and thinks it's big but her clit tells her otherwise....

" wow that's a 12 inch sinker"

by 12 inch sinker November 15, 2016

Two inch punisher

Someone with a small dick (2 inches or smaller) but who really knows how to use it. At first you will laugh but after that when you get to try it it will be very good sex.

Emily: that Oscar had a two inch punisher you know
Alex: you lucky girl. Now let’s have sex.

by Xxx.ultimatebigdickmcgee.xxX July 31, 2019

dicks per cubic inch

An unofficial measurement consisting of using human penises to measure an object's volume, accurately.

1 dspci = 5 inches of cock

Since my pencil is about 1.2 dicks per cubic inch, I tried to shove it up in my dream anus and now it's stuck.

by da4ssfück3r July 9, 2021

power inch

term for a hand movement politicians use when speaking puclicly. The forefinger and thumb are held approximately an inch apart, while the other three fingers are tucked under, into the palm. The hand moves forward in a pointing motion.

Man, that Assemblyman was really giving him the power inch during the debate!

by Kathleen "Dot" November 20, 2006

2 inches

a word to discribe one of my friends peenis size

wow my friend *blank* has 2 inches!


2 inch

a very small distance between 2 objects

ya penis is smaller

that 2 inches

by 6 nipples man February 22, 2021